Family Resource Center

Our family resource center is a welcoming space for families to seek support and guidance from our specialized social workers and therapists. We provide a variety of key services that focus on nurturing healthy families and providing them with the tools of self-sufficiency. Our goal is to create an environment where families feel comfortable to request assistance to overcome life’s challenges, sound advice and counseling to heal and a lending hand to walk through their troubles.

Address: 1887 Business Center Dr. Suite 3, San Bernardino CA 92408

Food & Wellness Center

As a growing community organization, our services are quickly outgrowing our space! Our current facility is too small to accommodate our services. To continue to effectively serve our community, we are expanding into two locations: one building will be dedicated to therapy and case management and a second building will serve exclusively as our food bank. We have an opportunity to transform this building from what was once a drug house to a beautiful prayer space and food bank. This repurposed space will be a beacon of hope in such an extremely impoverished area in San Bernardino. Not only will we be able to help those most in need but you’ll also be contributing towards the beautification of our city!

Address: To Be Announced